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Plastic Business Card Printing

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In the thriving business ecosystem of Melbourne, leaving a memorable impression is a strategic imperative, and one highly effective tool for achieving this is through the use of custom plastic business cards. Creffield Digital Print proudly presents an exclusive array of plastic business card printing services, designed to elevate your brand and set you apart from the competition. With nearly two decades of experience in the industry, we have perfected the art of creating top-tier plastic cards that leave an indelible mark.


Custom Plastic Business Card Printing

We understand that your business cards serve as the initial representation of your brand, and we are unwavering in our commitment to ensuring they make a remarkable and lasting first impression. Our team is dedicated to the craft of producing the finest custom plastic cards in Melbourne. We employ high-quality PVC plastic and eco-friendly materials such as Teslin and recycled PVC to guarantee not only longevity and durability but also a touch of sustainability in your brand’s identity.

The Advantages of Plastic Business Cards

Plastic business cards stand as a testament to modern innovation in the realm of professional networking tools, offering a multitude of advantages that set them apart from their conventional paper counterparts. These advantages not only make them a practical choice but also elevate the overall impression they leave on recipients.

  • Durability Beyond Question: One of the most striking features of plastic business cards is their exceptional durability. While traditional paper cards are susceptible to wear, tear, and damage, plastic cards are built to withstand the test of time. This durability ensures that your brand’s message remains intact, preserving the pristine condition of your card over an extended period. Whether it’s tucked away in a wallet, stored in a business card holder, or simply passed from hand to hand, the structural integrity of plastic cards remains unwavering. This resilience reinforces the perception of your brand as one that values quality and reliability, further enhancing its image in the eyes of clients and partners.
  • A Visual Appeal that Captivates: Beyond their robust nature, plastic business cards possess a unique visual allure that effortlessly captures attention. The glossy finish and vibrant colours of plastic cards create a striking contrast to the traditional, muted tones of paper cards. This visual contrast is not just aesthetically pleasing but also psychologically impactful. It ensures that your card stands out in a sea of conventional cards, increasing the likelihood that it will be noticed and retained by the recipient. Plastic cards leverage this visual appeal to leave an indelible mark on potential clients and partners, making your brand memorable and distinct.
  • Elevated Tactile Experience: In addition to their durability and visual appeal, plastic business cards offer an elevated tactile experience. When someone receives a plastic card, they immediately notice the difference in texture and feel. The smooth, sleek surface of the card imparts a sense of professionalism and sophistication. This tactile sensation enhances the overall experience of exchanging cards, making it more memorable and impactful. The act of physically holding a plastic card feels substantial and valuable, leaving a lasting impression on the recipient. It’s an invaluable asset for networking, as the tactile experience adds a layer of sophistication to your interactions, reinforcing the perception of your brand as one that values attention to detail and quality.

Plastic business cards transcend the limitations of conventional paper cards by offering durability that ensures your brand’s message remains intact, a unique visual appeal that captures attention, and an elevated tactile experience that enhances networking and brand representation. These advantages collectively contribute to making plastic business cards a standout choice for leaving a lasting and impressive mark on potential clients and partners.

Plastic Card Sizes

Our plastic business card printing services accommodate a diverse range of card sizes. Whether you prefer standard dimensions or have a vision that calls for a distinctive size, our capabilities are extensive. We pride ourselves on flexibility, ensuring that your specific design preferences and branding needs are fully met.

Affordable Priced Plastic Card Designs

Quality need not come at an exorbitant price. Creffield Digital Print firmly believes in offering high-quality plastic cards at prices that are accessible and budget-friendly. Our competitive pricing structure ensures that you receive exceptional value for your investment, enabling you to elevate your brand’s identity without straining your financial resources.

Types of Plastic Business Cards

Our extensive repertoire of plastic cards spans various categories, each with its unique appeal and purpose. Choose from offset printed plastic cards, fast premium digital plastic cards, membership cards, staff ID cards, frosted plastic cards, metallic plastic cards, and plastic key tags. This diversity empowers you to select the ideal card type that perfectly aligns with your brand’s identity and messaging.

Our Process

From the conceptualisation of your card design to the final delivery, our process is meticulously planned and seamlessly executed. We prioritise precision in meeting your specifications, and our commitment to efficiency ensures that your materials are produced with the shortest possible turnaround time. Our state-of-the-art print production methods guarantee sharp, vibrant, and crystal-clear plastic business cards that truly stand out.

Learn More About Our Plastic Business Cards

If you are ready to make an indelible impression within Melbourne’s competitive business landscape, look no further than Creffield Digital Print. Our team of seasoned experts is poised to assist you at every step of the journey. Whether you have questions, require guidance on design and customisation, or seek assistance in creating plastic business cards that authentically represent your brand, we are here for you. Explore the realm of durable, visually captivating plastic cards with Creffield Digital Print, and let your brand leave a lasting imprint.

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1. What are plastic business cards?

Plastic business cards are durable and visually appealing alternatives to traditional paper business cards. They are made from plastic materials and offer a range of design and customisation options.

2. What sizes are available for plastic business cards?

Plastic business cards are typically available in standard credit card size, which is 3.375 inches by 2.125 inches. However, custom sizes can also be ordered to suit your specific needs.

3. How are plastic business cards different from paper cards?

Plastic business cards are more durable and long-lasting compared to paper cards. They have a unique visual appeal, a glossy finish, and are resistant to wear and tear.

4. Can I customise the design of my plastic business cards?

Yes, you can fully customise the design of your plastic business cards. You can choose from various colours, finishes, and printing options to create a unique and eye-catching design.

5. Are plastic business cards more expensive than paper cards?

The cost of plastic business cards may be slightly higher than paper cards due to the material and durability. However, they offer better longevity and a more professional appearance.

6. What types of plastic are used for business cards?

Common plastics used for business cards include PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) and PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate). Both are known for their durability and printability.

7. Can I include special features like holograms or embossing on my plastic business cards?

Yes, you can add special features like holographic foils, embossing, and debossing to enhance the design and security of your plastic business cards.

8. How long does it take to print and deliver plastic business cards?

The turnaround time for plastic business cards may vary depending on the complexity of your order and the printing company. It’s advisable to check with your chosen provider for specific delivery times.

9. Are plastic business cards environmentally friendly?

Some printing companies offer eco-friendly options for plastic cards, including recycled materials. You can inquire about sustainable choices to reduce the environmental impact.

10. Can I order a small quantity of plastic business cards?

Yes, many printing companies allow you to order plastic business cards in small quantities to suit your immediate needs. However, bulk orders often provide cost savings per card.

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