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    4 Fine Art Printing Methods

    Settling for standard printing is ok for standard documents – but when it comes to fine art printing, the options provided by digital printing experts turn images into works of art.

    As an artist or photographer, the quality of your work is your livelihood. To ensure that your fine art prints are as clear, enduring and high-quality as possible, it’s important to choose a printing process that reflects your needs.


    Settling for standard printing is ok for standard documents – but when it comes to fine art printing, the options provided by digital printing experts turn images into works of art.


    Fine art printing isn’t just for the pro’s – whether your prints are your work, or you are an individual looking for a perfect print, there are a number of options to choose from in order to be provided with your best work yet.

    Take a look at four fine art printing options available at Creffield that can take your images to the next level.


    1. Giclée – for perfection

    Giclee printing


    Giclée is the real deal. A digital printing process that uses ink-jet printers to produce the highest quality results, giclée is for fine art prints that really matter.


    If you’re an artist or photographer looking to display or sell your work, giclée printing is the only printing option guaranteed to do your art justice. Giclée can also be printed on archival media, to ensure longevity and create long-lasting prints.


    2. Canvas Printing – for flexibility

    Canvas printing


    Canvas prints can be used for all sorts of purposes – from artists high-quality work, to everyday people looking to print artwork or create a unique gift.


    But common and varied uses doesn’t mean they should be produced with lower quality. At Creffield, our canvas printing uses giclée and then 2 coat liquid laminate, stretched and finished with framers’ tape and hanging wire – turning every canvas print into a fine art print.


    With canvas printing, you can replicate or reproduce artwork on canvas, or print an image and paint over the top to create an entirely new piece.


    3. Image Capture – for modernisation

    Image capture print


    Keeping digital copies of everything is commonplace these days – but how do you ensure quality and clarity of a physical fine art print in the digital realm?


    The answer is image capture – a process that allows you to capture an original piece of art or photograph, with every detail and nuance, and store it as a digital file. This process is perfect for both professionals and amateurs, allowing you to:

    • Send or display your work online.
    • Use images on printed promotional materials such as cards, flyers or posters.
    • Digitalize old photographs or images for easy storage and access.

    4. Replications – for multiplying

    Replicating images


    There is something special about an original, but not every piece of art was made to be a one-off. If you wish to make multiple copies of your work, original replications make it fast and easy.

    Using image capture and digital printing technology, multiple copies of an original piece can be made without compromising quality or detail. Turn one fine art print into many and enjoy endless possibilities – from promotion, to display, to sales.

    Want the best fine art print? Expertise matters.

    While there’s a range of fine art printing options that can deliver you great results, they’re not always the right one for your project – and they’re definitely not all easy to achieve.


    Utilising fine art printing experts ensures you get the desired result every time – and will guarantee consistency across your orders, every time you print.


    At Creffield Digital Print, we use leading digital printing technology, years of fine art print knowledge and world-class customer service to deliver the best fine art printing services across Melbourne and Geelong.

    We will always:


    • Have multiple conversations with you about your print and your expectations before undertaking the job.
    • Maintain clear communication, and know your requirements so we can offer the best printing option for your work.
    • Complete test strips for approval before printing the final product.

    Want to know more?  lick here to see our range of fine art printing in Melbourne and Geelong, or contact us to learn more about our fine art printing


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