Work smarter, not harder: How to utilise print to build your art business

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Dear artist,

We’re always told if we do what we love we’ll never work a day in our lives. For those committed to the artistic process, this is rarely the case.

Working on your craft, building a business and juggling another job (which is usually the case) means your more likely to be working every day of your life.

You would never want to cut corners when it comes to your art, but finding ways to make it all a bit easier – and cheaper – can help you achieve more with a little less effort.

Time is money – and you’re low on both

In our experience, there are two major factors that contribute to the pressure of building and maintaining your business.

  1. Turning your passion and skill into a profitable business is hard work that takes some serious time commitments.
  2. It’s also often a self-funded venture, so the ability to take a trial and error approach is limited by the funds you’re able to invest.

Artists nearly always pinpoint time and cost constraints as serious roadblocks – but also always have a huge passion for what they do, and determination to make it work for them.

And that’s where print comes in. Print helps you work smarter, not harder, by opening up possibilities to not only save time and money, but make it.

The possibilities of print

Smaller sales – Printed pieces might sell for less, but they provide you with more collateral. Use them to either bulk up stock in your online store, or open new avenues to sell in physical spaces like markets or giftshops.

Advertising – Got an exhibition coming up? Need some new shots for social media? Looking into the realm of online ads? Creating a digital file of your work means a quick and easy way to create marketing collateral.

Promotions – Sometimes, thinking small is better than thinking big. Give potential buyers an idea of your style and capabilities with small samples, offer a little gift with purchase print, or print your artwork on promotional products.

That’s why we created our print offer for you to try – so you can expand your horizons, break boundaries and discover new opportunities that can take your art further. Click here to find out more.

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