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    Fine Art Printing

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    Our Printing Services

    Artwork Scanning
    We Offer Two Artwork Scanning Options

    We utilise the same state of the art equipment for both; the difference is in the polish of the deliverable file.

    Option 1: Artwork Reproduction Scans (print-ready scans)
    We provide a final print-ready file that faithfully preserves the original artwork, handling scanning, meticulous retouching, colour balancing, and proofing, offering you a master file and a proof prior to printing.

    Option 2: Raw Scans (unedited scans)
    Our straightforward, rapid service includes scanning your artwork, delivering an unaltered, high-resolution file, with cropping and straightening as the only adjustments made.

    Giclee Art Printing
    Giclee Fine Art Printing

    We specialise in Giclée art printing service (also known as archival printing). This technique uses the latest specialist printers, archival quality inks, custom ICC profiles and museum grade fine art papers, to ensure colour-perfect prints with exceptional quality and longevity.

    See our range of hand-picked quality art papers from highly textured to smooth or glossy.

    Hahnemühle Photo Rag® Ultra Smooth

    305 gsm · 100% cotton · natural white · matte finish · ultra smooth texture

    Hahnemühle Photo Rag® Ultra Smooth is an exceptionally smooth and silky white cotton art paper, perfect for high-quality FineArt inkjet printing, offering outstanding colour reproduction, intricate detail, deep blacks, and versatility for both photography and art reproductions, while ensuring excellent age resistance, especially for high-quality prints. Suitable for both photography and art reproduction.

    Hahnemühle German Etching ®

    310 gsm · 100% α-cellulose · white · genuine mould-made paper · matte finish · textured

    Hahnemühle German Etching is a heavyweight FineArt inkjet paper with a velvety tactile feel, fine felt structure, and exceptional print quality, making it a popular choice for FineArt prints and art reproductions due to its unique surface texture, colour reproduction, deep blacks, and age-resistant properties. Suitable for both photography and art reproduction.

    Heavily Textured Rag

    320gsm · 100% cotton · natural white · matte finish · heavily textured

    The highly textured finish of this paper is perfect for crafting unique art prints, reproductions, and artistic photos, with its natural colouring and texture resembling traditional artist paper.

    Photographic Printing
    Photographic Printing

    Elevate your portfolio with our premium printing service, where each photograph becomes a tangible work of art, reflecting your skill and dedication. Your art deserves nothing less than the finest printing, and that's exactly what we deliver.

    See our range of hand-picked quality photographic papers from textured to smooth or glossy.

    Ilford Smooth Pearl ®

    310gsm · white · pearl/satin finish · smooth texture

    This paper features the very latest HDR (High Dynamic Range) optically clear coating, a perfect choice for producing images with superb clarity, high sharpness and excellent colour gamut.

    Ilford Smooth Gloss ®

    310gsm · bright white · glossy finish · smooth texture

    The high-density, resin-coated heavyweight base and smooth "bright white" gloss finish combine to replicate the appearance and tactile quality of a premium photographic print with a glossy finish.

    Heading: Ilford Metallic Gloss ®

    260gsm · bright white · glossy finish · smooth texture

    The iridium finish brings vibrancy to prints, while the unique surface adds a creative dimension to various photography genres, making it particularly well-suited for portrait and studio photography.

    Heading: Ilford Gold Fibre Rag ®

    270gsm · bright white · semi-gloss finish · soft texture
    Gold Fibre Rag, with its 270gsm weight, offers the traditional look and feel of baryta photo paper, featuring a soft texture, semigloss finish, and a bright white surface.

    Canvas Printing
    Canvas Printing

    Transform your creations into captivating masterpieces that exude depth and texture. Using premium grade materials and tools, we can produce gallery-grade quality canvas prints of your artwork.

    Step 1: Canvas printing

    A heavy inkjet canvas made from cotton, featuring an elegant finely woven surface texture. The natural white canvas contains no optical brighteners, boasting a natural shade of white. The premium matt inkjet coating produces outstanding print results, with deep blacks, contrast and reproduction of detail. This canvas is extremely age resistant, while remaining highly compatible with canvas stretch systems.

    Step 2: Liquid laminate

    All our canvas prints receive a two coat Liquid laminate. Liquid laminating canvas prints is a common practice in the art and photography industry to ensure the longevity, visual appeal, and protection of valuable prints and artworks.

    Step 3: Rolled or stretched. It’s your choice.

    Rolled canvas can be printed to any bespoke size and aspect ratio you require. The completed canvas print will be delivered to you rolled and protected with artist-grade tissue paper, packaged inside a tube for safe transport.
    Stretched: Receive your canvas prints stretched and ready to hang on your customers wall. We offer in-house stretching services to create custom-sized canvas prints.

    Stretching a canvas print is a process used display a canvas artwork on stretcher bars. This method not only provides a way to display the artwork but also helps keep the canvas taut and prevents sagging over time. Done professional, proper stretching ensures the canvas remains flat, tight, and well-preserved for years to come. All our stretched canvas prints are finished with framer’s tape and hanging wire.

    Cirtificates & digital signature
    Certificates & Digital Signatures

    Artwork certificates and digital signature service, providing an extra layer of authenticity and value to your creations. With each piece, you'll receive a unique certificate of authenticity, affirming the origin and originality of your artwork. This certificate includes essential details about the piece and your authorship, enhancing its collectability and provenance.

    Additionally, our digital signature service allows you to embed a digital signature directly into your artwork's digital file. This advanced technology not only ensures the integrity of your work but also offers a secure way to establish your ownership in the digital realm. By combining traditional certificates with cutting-edge digital signatures, we're committed to safeguarding your art's credibility while adapting to the modern age. Your art deserves to be recognized and protected, and our services are designed with that goal in mind.

    Internationally recognised premium canvas

    Hahnemuhle is one of the best-known producers of paper and canvas for a reason. With expertly manufactured products, they are a company drenched in a history of being dedicated to their craft. At Creffield, we offer the full Hahnemuhle range, so are more than capable of meeting the needs of your creative work.

    To see the full range of Hahnemuhle products, please see the Hahnemuhle website.

    If Hahnemuhle isn’t what you’re after, you can check out our other options for Giclée Printing or Fine Art Printing in Melbourne & Geelong.

    Moab slickrock
    Moab Slickrock
    Pearl metallic gloss with astonishing detail.

    Want your printed work to have startling, lifelike quality?

    A 260 gsm pearl metallic gloss, this stock is perfect for photographers wanting to enhance their images with a metallic, almost-3D, lifelike quality. Colour and B&W images look superb on this paper, producing deep blacks and ultra-bright highlights.

    This stock is ideal for photography or fine art printing with a twist.

    Sihl Masterclass
    Sihl Masterclass

    A unique coating to give your work a new breath of life.

    If you’re looking for print options to bring your own gallery or interior decorating to another level look no further than our Sihl Masterclass stock options. Creffield’s high-quality fine art services offers Sihl paper to give your artwork a distinctive look and feel.


    If you’re after a gloss-finish for your prints, consider Sihl Masterclass’ options for gloss stock. With Creffield’s inkjet printers and the Masterclass gloss varieties, you’ll get a combination of perfect contrasts, colour definition and piercing sharpness that will give your work a unique sense of depth.
    Options you can choose from include:

    High Gloss Photo Paper 330
    Metallic Pearl High Gloss Photo Paper 290


    Smooth satin finish with strong colour and detail rendering.

    Sitting between a matte and a gloss, the lustre finish of this stock enhances the fine colour and details of a printed work. The texture of this stock allows for lifelike detail and also avoids most of the glare of a high gloss finish.

    Made on 300 gsm photo paper with a classic smooth satin sheen, Sihl Masterclass Lustre provides a brilliant colour rendering. With rich, deep blacks and neutral bright whites, this is the perfect choice for portrait and landscape fine art printing, as well as professional photos and standard portraits.


    A classic look with a modern touch.

    Achieve the classic black and white masterpiece look with Sihl Masterclass’ Satin Baryta Paper 290. With a blend of deep rich black and fine greyscale combined with white colouring of the paper, you get a classy and unmatched look for your print — taking advantage of modern inkjet media you’ll attain a high-quality print whilst still getting the authenticity of traditional baryta paper.

    For a detailed overview of the full Sihl Masterclass range, visit their website here. If you’d like to speak to a Creffield team member to learn more about how Sihl Masterclass will work for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

    If Sihl Masterclass isn’t what you’re after, you can check out our other options for Giclée Printing or Fine Art Printing in Melbourne & Geelong.

    Artwork Scanning
    Giclee Art Printing
    Photographic Printing
    Canvas Printing
    Cirtificates & digital signature
    Moab slickrock
    Sihl Masterclass
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    Fine Art Printing

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