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A unique coating to give your work a new breath of life.

If you’re looking for print options to bring your own gallery or interior decorating to another level look no further than our Sihl Masterclass stock options. Creffield’s high-quality fine art services offers Sihl paper to give your artwork a distinctive look and feel.

Sihl Masterclass Gloss


Captivating gloss to turn your prints into a masterpiece.

If you’re after a gloss-finish for your prints, consider Sihl Masterclass’ options for gloss stock. With Creffield’s inkjet printers and the Masterclass gloss varieties, you’ll get a combination of perfect contrasts, colour definition and piercing sharpness that will give your work a unique sense of depth. Options you can choose from include:

  • High Gloss Photo Paper 330
  • Metallic Pearl High Gloss Photo Paper 290
Sihl Masterclass Silk & Satin


Smooth satin finish with strong colour and detail rendering.

Sitting between a matte and a gloss, the lustre finish of this stock enhances the fine colour and details of a printed work. The texture of this stock allows for lifelike detail and also avoids most of the glare of a high gloss finish.

Made on 300 gsm photo paper with a classic smooth satin sheen, Sihl Masterclass Lustre provides a brilliant colour rendering. With rich, deep blacks and neutral bright whites, this is the perfect choice for portrait and landscape fine art printing, as well as professional photos and standard portraits.

Sihl Masterclass Black & White


A classic look with a modern touch.

Achieve the classic black and white masterpiece look with Sihl Masterclass’ Satin Baryta Paper 290. With a blend of deep rich black and fine greyscale combined with white colouring of the paper, you get a classy and unmatched look for your print — taking advantage of modern inkjet media you’ll attain a high-quality print whilst still getting the authenticity of traditional baryta paper.

For a detailed overview of the full Sihl Masterclass range, visit their website here. If you’d like to speak to a Creffield team member to learn more about how Sihl Masterclass will work for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

If Sihl Masterclass isn’t what you’re after, you can check out our other options for Giclée Printing or Fine Art Printing in Melbourne & Geelong.

Alternative options include:

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