The Artists’ Definitive Guide to Printing (pt 4)

Dear artists, Nearing the apex of our four-part series The Artists’ Definitive Guide to Printing - let’s gaze back across our learning landscape and flex our knowledge muscles a little. First, quality. We know that archival pigment printing [giclée] consists of a whole backpack of resources that ideally come together collaboratively between artists and expert printing technicians to create a…

The Artists’ Definitive Guide to Printing (pt 3)

Dear Artists, So far in our Artists’ Definitive Guide to Printing series, we’ve taken you on an information trek, Sherpa-style into the deep valleys and high passes of  communicating with your printer, image capture for a perfectly rendered digital artwork  and the wide gamut of colour management to get your image print-ready. Now that we can confidently manage colour across…

The Artists’ Definitive Guide to Printing (pt. 2)

Greetings again arty types! So, a quick recap on our information exploits in The Artists’ Definitive Guide to Printing (pt 1) we discussed the rudiments of identifying a good fine art/ digital printing service, provided some pointers on how to communicate and build good relationship with your Printer and then dipped our toes into some techy details in determining whether scanning…

How a naïve artist became Knowing and found Mr (Print) Right

As I have transformed my art practice from traditional mediums to digital art, I have found that selecting a printer is a lot like dating and alas, I have left behind me a trail of strained relationships. Sometimes it’s ended after the first date, sometimes it’s been months. Let me open up about some of my unsuccessful relationships with my…

The Artist’s Definitive Guide To Printing (pt.1)

You’ve made the decision. Your artwork needs more eyes on it, so you’re taking the plunge with digital reproduction. Good move, grasshopper. Wooo, so pumped! Let’s do this! Next step: world domination! Errrm ok, hold up there, tiger.. how does one actually go about getting their fine art reproduced? Where do you even start? Is my photo of this artwork…

Choose Your Own Adventure

An artist friend of mine has a saying: “Spontaneity is the reward of preparation” Hang on a minute, I hear you protest: isn’t that a contradictory statement; surely the essence of spontaneity it’s very lack of premeditation? Afterall; our clichéd bohemian artist type thrives on languidly traipsing the unbeaten paths, unbound by the shackles of system and structure. But how…

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